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"The Mystical Laws" wins 2013 Remi Special Jury Award at 46th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival!

The movie "The Mystical Laws" has recieved the 2013 Remi Special Jury Award at the 46th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival. This is the first full length animated feature in Japan to have received an award.

WorldFest Houston is one of the three original international film festivals in North America, after San Francisco and New York. It was founded in 1961 as Cinema Arts, an International Film Society. WorldFest gave first honors to notable filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ridley Scott, and many more.

Altogether, there were over 4000 applications from around the world, of which 51 featured films, and 107 short films were chosen for screening. In the local media, "The Mystical Laws" was listed as one of the Top 5 movies to see at the film festival.

The Director Isamu Imakake was invited to the screening of the movie, "The Mystical Laws" and the Executive Director and Founder of the festival, Mr. Hunter Todd gave a comment saying,"The local media has chosen this film as one of the top 5 must see movies at this festival. I think this is a very precise article since this movie is beautifully done and has a very unique message. We are very honored to have this film at our festival.

At Palm Beach International Film Festival, "The Mystical Laws" was nominated, but was unable to recieve an award. However, it was screened on April 6th and April 9th and was the only featured animation film at the festival.

"The Mystical Laws" will be shown in Brazil at Sao Paulo and Rio de Janiro from May 9th and is also scheduled to be shown in Germany at the Hamburg Japanese Film Festival. We will continue to show this movie and spread the message around the world. Thank you for your continuous support.

Here are some comments from Houston International Film Festival:

“I cried many times during the movie. We are all living together, but we are unable to see the things that are truly important to us, which are love and faith. I am still emotional. It was really good.”

“The speech part was really good. The viewer can really think about it and when they are able to understand it, it becomes their message. It doesn't say just to be good, but it says how to be good and why to be good. Thank you. I am happy to be part of this.”

“We are all facing a very deep problem. I felt this movie was a one step forward to the right path. I really felt this was a wonderful movie.”

“I felt everyone should watch this movie and also everyone should learn from this movie. This movie shows that it is everyone's problem. And after watching the movie, we really agree and support the message.”

Here are some comments from Palm Beach International Film Festival:

“It was a very deep theme. This movie gives an opportunity to really look within after watching it. It has entertainment, but at the same time it really opens the minds of each individuals.”

“Yesterday was the memorial of the Holocaust. It was a great timing to be able to watch this the following day. I think it is important that this movie is coming from Japan. Thank you for sharing this movie with us.”


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